As a Longmont Pediatric Dentist, Dental By Nature has been serving every member of the family for over 22 years. It’s important to us that we instill good oral hygiene practices to children as early as possible. This sets the foundation for a healthy smile.
Why Are Baby Teeth Important?
Strong baby teeth, also known as primary teeth, promote healthy jaw bones and muscles, giving adult teeth a healthy environment to grow into. Children’s primary teeth aid them in properly speaking, chewing, and eating. It’s important to take good care of your children’s baby teeth since tooth decay, infections, cavities, and other issues can transfer to adult teeth and jeopardize their overall oral health. Children generally don’t get their adult molars until their teens, typically around the age of 14. Your children’s baby teeth need to maintain strong and healthy for many years so permanent molars can surface properly.
Should Baby Teeth Be Treated The Same As Adult Teeth?

Before your child has teeth clean their gums with a damp towel or cloth. Once their teeth surface, they should brush their teeth twice a day and floss once. The moment teeth emerge, they can develop tooth decay.

Depending on their age, you should help them brush their teeth with a small amount of fluoride toothpaste. Children can begin using a tiny bit more toothpaste around three years old. At this age children should also be urged to brush their teeth on their own, without your help. You should continue to supervise them to make sure they are spitting out all the toothpaste and not swallowing it. They can begin flossing once they have two or more teeth touching.

What Dental Problems Could My Child Have?

Although many individuals are not aware of it, children can develop oral issues at a very young age. Your children’s baby teeth can potentially determine the health of their adult teeth.

We recommend bringing your child into our Longmont, CO office as soon as you can. The earlier we can instill good oral habits, the better. Some common oral issues among children include:

Tooth Decay
This generally happens from children sleeping with their bottles, sucking on their pacifier after its had contact with something sweet, or carried through saliva. This happens when you clean your baby’s spoon or pacifier with your mouth.
Gum Disease
The best way to keep children free of gum disease is to clean their gums regardless if teeth have surfaced or not. Children can develop gum disease at any age.
Oral Habits
Your child’s digit sucking and teeth grinding can significantly impact the development and alignment of their adult teeth.
Do Children Need Preventative Care?
At Dental By Nature, we offer a wide range of preventative care options for children such as dental sealants. Dental sealants are placed on your child’s back molars and act as a shield to protect and reduce tooth decay. Sealants are just one of our preventative treatment options.
How Should I Prepare My Child For His Or Her First Visit?
This is a question we hear a lot. Many of us may remember the dentist as a “scary place” when we were children. Dental By Nature wants to change that narrative. We strive to make our office a fun and comfortable atmosphere for patients of all ages. We recommend reading your children books about the dentist to get them comfortable with the idea. With a staff as friendly as ours, your child might even be excited about their next visit. With our convenient location in Longmont, CO, we make bringing the whole family to the dentist a breeze. We are always eager to treat new patients and we look forward to serving your family. After your visit to Dental By Nature, you’ll understand why we’ve been the trusted dentist in Longmont, Mead, Niwot, Hygiene, and other nearby communities for over 22 years. Call us today at (303) 776-6021 to schedule your appointment.