The gums around your teeth that hold them in place are known as periodontium. When they become infected it’s referred to as periodontal disease.

Unfortunately, many individuals are affected by periodontal disease. Our team at Dental By Nature are specially trained to detect periodontal disease at its earliest signs. Like many diseases, early detection is the greatest way to fight periodontal disease. To treat periodontal disease, you must seek professional help.

What Is Periodontal Disease?
The first indication of periodontal disease is plaque buildup. If plaque is not treated, it develops into tartar, which must be removed by your dentist. Tartar can cause your gums to recede where they meet your teeth and eventually become infected.
How Do I Treat My Periodontal Disease?
At its very earliest stages, you can maintain good oral habits by brushing at least twice a day and flossing once. You can also use an American Dental Association approved mouthwash.
How Do I Know If I Have Periodontal Disease?
Many symptoms of periodontal disease go unnoticed by individuals. Common signs include:
Gum Changes

Receding: your teeth look bigger or longer and your gums are uneven, some dipping down further than others.

Swollen: certain parts of your gums are large or swollen.

Sensitive or tender: you are unusually sensitive to different temperatures of food and drinks.

Red: your gums are more red than normal.

Bleeding: while bleeding can occur from brushing or flossing, it should not be overlooked.

Bad Breath
Periodontal disease may be present if you have continuous bad breath regardless of brushing.
Changes In Teeth
  • Sensitive

  • Loose

  • Appear Longer

Routine checkups are essential in catching periodontal disease early on. We will perform a thorough assessment and cleaning to check for periodontal disease and other oral issues.

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